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[INJUSTICE] 2018 Miss Polo Winner Adeoye Adeola Striped From Her Right To Represent Nigeria in The Miss Polo International

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 The Entertainment World can be so corrupt and also rough but to this extent this is inhuman and wickedness at its peak. 2018 Miss Polo Adeoye Adeola Precious tells her story after winning the beauty pageant.

Please read below as written by Adeoye and don't forget to share this until justice is served.

In 2017, I applied for the Polo Beauty Pageant and I was short listed. I traveled to Port Harcourt for the event in 2017 and emerged as the winner out of the ten (10) contestants and was crowned. I came back to my base - Abuja. Mrs. Ibife was in Abuja and we went to see a lot of people amongst were Senator Solomon Yayi Adeola, from Lagos. I was introduced to him as Miss Polo, 2018. 
While discussing, the Senator asked Mrs. Ibife what I was given as a Queen and Ibife told the Senator that a car was given to me and a wardrobe allowance. After the whole tour  for the day we left for where Mrs. Ibife lodged in Wuse Zone 6 Abuja at  Berbera Palace Hotel but no booking was made for me so I had to leave because it was getting dark. I did not want to lose my crown and sash. I left them and my high heel shoes with Mrs. Ibife at the hotel since she said that he would be going to see other dignitaries the following day.  I got home late and my mum asked of my day. I told her all the places we visited and what Mrs. Ibife told the Senator. My mum said she would call her. My mum called her the following morning to greet her and asked how was yesterdays outing.  She told my mum that they went to so many places including the Senators. My mummy now said that Adeola even told her that she told the Senator that a car was given to Miss Polo. Before my mummy could say anything further she responded; Madam, madam, madam my blood dey hot this morning for you calling to tell me  why I lied to the Senator that all na packaging, that she told the Senator that Miss Polo flew in from South Africa and I did not complain about that.  I gave your daughter a dress you never said thank you. 

I called her to know when we would be going out but Mrs. Ibife Alufohai told me I should not bother to come again that day. That she would call me; that she was in meeting I waited for her call but she never called. I called her and she said that she was already on her way to Port Harcourt. I was shocked and worried. I now requested for my crown, sash and shoes and she said she dropped my shoes with the receptionist. Immediately I went to the receptionist thinking that she dropped my shoes, crown and sash but the receptionist said she only dropped my shoes. I called again and I requested for my sash and crown because without these two there is no way I could do any pet project. I called severally and she said that I should stop disturbing her. She later stopped picking my calls. After a while she sent a number to me for me to call for my sash. I called and it was a lady that picked it. I told her that Mrs. Ibife said my sash is with her. That she should text her address for me to come and pick my sash. She said she stays in Nyanya  Maharaja. That she would call me any time she is in town. I kept calling and she said she would come. After a while she stopped picking my calls. I called Mrs. Ibife and told her, she said she does not want to have anything to do with me again. That a new Director will contact me when appointed and I will work with her.  Mrs. Ibife changed since the day my mum asked why she lied to the Senator that Polo gave me a car. She flared up and since then she stopped picking my mummys call. 

But she had actually told me that I will have to come to Port Harcourt when the time comes for grooming for Miss Polo International since I won and I would shoulder the airfare, accommodation and feeding. Strange, but my mum was ready to shoulder the responsibility. She kept dribbling us not until March 8 when I received a message on my Instagram which says: This is the newly appointed National Director, for Miss Polo International” as claimed. Please contact me on this number  08038321664. I called four times and there was no response. I told my mum and mum opened a chat with her and she said a contract form would be sent and my mum told her to send it to her phone. The contract form was not sent. She later sent it on March 9, 2018 at about 1.32pm and she said sorry its coming late The contract form was signed, scanned and sent back to Mrs. Tonia. But I discovered that on the same March 9, 2018 Quintessential Events gave a press release informing the world that I have been replaced with the first runner up  Miss Stella Whyte to represent Miss Polo International  without informing me yet after crowning. The Polo Management gave an interview through that by winning I will represent Nigeria at the Polo International Beauty Pageant. I called and she claimed that I did not sign and forward the Pageant form sent to me but the form got to me the same day they gave the press release. I went ahead to sign and forwarded the form to them. 
Mr. Patrick E. James  a media consultant  was briefed and he sent two mails to them demanding for explanations but no response. They later told him that I lost my position for reasons best known to them. But Mr. Patrick told her that a Queen cannot be sacked without first and second warnings and no warning has been given to her. He went ahead to do a whats app chat with Mrs. Tonia, the new Director and she told him that it was a joint decision and there was no going back. They went ahead to tell him to take whatever action he deemed fit. He contacted us and we decided that we have to engage the media and a Solicitor for my stolen mandate to be addressed. They want to rob me of the opportunity to represent Nigeria at the International pageant. This is a blow to my ego and my image and that is why I am legitimately seeking for justice.

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