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[ GIST ] Celebrity Brand And Graphic Designer Benny Odumu Talked About The Difference Between Self and Business Branding

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Benny Odumu a celebrity Graphic/Brand Designer who is also the CEO GraphicsMIND and the lead facilitator of OpenArt comes openely to address some I'll characters that has been lingering on the social media and also his late experience with some bloggers who misunderstood his person and believe but just wanted to make traffic out of it.

Read below as written by Benny


I won't stop respecting and appreciate every impact you guys have made on my person and career but......

Recently, I made several  comments regarding Tammy T's anticipated gospel song: #sogood and it drew the attention of renowned  bloggers, with Youngendy in particular  bombarding me with questions concerning my religion.
Sad to say but bloggers are yet to understand that the life  portrayed on social media is very different from the real life. Because on the internet, people see only what you choose to show them. You have ultimate control over which area of your life is out in  public spectacle and which area is left within the confines of your reality.
One business adage that I've always keyed into is
 ''Promote the brand , not the self.''

The internet is sprawled with people of diverse cultures, faiths and beliefs, and business brings me in contact with lots of these people. People who are different in their spiritual mentalities  and doctrines.
People who speak different dialects.
People who are also potential customers, business partners or clients.
So in order not to ward off any associate of mine that has a conflicting belief, I chose to keep that area of my life off  the internet and remain neutral on the grounds of religion.

 It's a pity that bloggers no longer thirst for relevant information and entertaining articles like they used to. All they do now is scavenge their news feeds in search of a notable personality or celebrity with whom they can stir up  unnecessary controversies.
One should note that being a social media influencer goes beyond starting arguments online from the comfort of your computer. No!
The measure of positive impact that you create is what qualifies you as a good blogger. You ought to take on pressing issues as keenly as Ben Bruce and explore the entertainment section as vibrantly as Linda Ikeji, proving your competence as an influencer through the internet.

I will not be cajoled by any blogger to speak of issues that contradict my business ethics and personal principles.
Matters pertaining to my Religion, Education and Relationship should be left out of this charade of publicity and let's focus on creating a legacy.

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