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(GIST) AKA Throws Internet Troll Under The Bus

Posted by @dogooyungbeatz

Rap titan AKA have an internet troll a taste of his own medicine on social media this week. The troll mocked AKA for being single this valentine.
Aka who is still nursing an heartbreak from Bonang decided to clap back. Check out the conversation below.

By show of hands how many of you are single this V-day @akaworldwide people are talking about th Mockingbird
Aka adds that many believe that celebrities are superhuman and he’s just as human like the rest of us. See more below.
The problem with twitter is that people think celebs are some sort of robots here to serve public. Sit with your keypads at your fingers try to embarrass us then cry foul when we re Well, I'm not one of those celebs. I'm a real person. Not a bot. I'm not just data. twitter.melo_majesty/s…
11:29 PM - Feb 5, 2018
4,055 1,901 people are talking abou AKA
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AKA Throws Internet Troll Under The Bus
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AKA Throws Internet Troll Under The Bus
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Yes, I will be single on Valentine’s Day
… but you will be poor every single day of 2018.
— AKA 

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