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GIST : Why Did Celebrity Graphics Designer Benny Odumu Delete His Facebook Account?

Posted by @Dogooyungbeatz

Celebrity Graphics designer Benny Odumu deleted his facebook account early today. We in is still trying to figure out what the case might be, because based on statistics he is one of the most sorted facebook user with highest follows and audience in the City of Portharcourt through his Openart outreach and hard work in growing the City.
It is really a no good development seeing the CEO GraphicsMIND leaving social media which will really down on his followers and we'll wishers who always takes from him through his motivational posts and inspiring hard works. 
With great research we try to figure out the factors that might lead to this sudden move 

1. Vacation : Is he trying to take some rest due to his everyday jobs and over labouring?

2. Concentration : Is he trying to concentrate and think of more creativity 

3. Step up the game : Is he trying to take the game to another level which has not been introduced?

4. Relate with people directly : Or is he trying to shy away from social media due to some recent online exchange of words and rather prefer to relate his business directly to people?

5. Stretegizing to give more : I think he is coming with a whole lots of strategies to make sure he stay at the top of his peak. 

Please do well and try to relate with us at the comment box on what might be the reason of him deleting his facebook account. 

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