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[VIDEO] Funny How This Gangster Goat Beat-up This Giant Dog

Posted by @DogooYungBeatz

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There's a goat that loiters on my street, I call it “the neighborhood gangster”.
The first time I saw this gangster was on my way to a 7am class, it was few minutes after 6am and my street was quiet except for the taxi driver who I think sleeps in his taxi, he's always up no matter how early it is.

Just beside the wall of a house I saw this goat and its kid fighting off a dog, it was a shocking sight because I had never seen a goat fight a dog, so I began to walk slowly so I could see the outcome of this tussle.
Ladies and gentlemen, the goat chased the dog and this dog ran away with his tail in between his legs.
I was honestly amazed at this sight.

On a fateful afternoon as I was returning from school under the scorching sun, I saw this goat chasing a girl. I later got to find out that it was because she refused to gift goatster the biscuits she held in her polythene bag.

This goat is a chaser, a fighter and even a terrorist; he doesn't eat grass but goes about eating from people's shops. If you openly sample  wares like garri, plantain or beans, he'd definitely pay you a visit.

I was honestly beginning to think that goat was a human being but the sad news is that he has been goatnapped abi stolen. He was goatnapped last night and the people of my street are worried. You see, the goatster had become a part of the community.

Story by Olivia Sose

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