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(GIST): Igbinedion’s Daughter, Omosede Become President George Weah Of Liberia’s First Lady

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There are very few people who are not ashamed of having been in love when they no longer love each other. But Omosede Igbinedion and President George Weah, are remarkably different.
Like star-crossed lovers, their passion and high affection for each other suffered the devastation of man-made odds thus thrusting them apart in their prime.
Despite the distance between them, they stayed true and remained devoted to each other, as best of friends. While Omosede, daughter of Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, did her family’s bidding and got married to Benin Prince, Akentua, George moved on with his life.
It was hardly surprising though that Omosede’s marriage to Akenzua eventually hit the rocks, over alleged irreconcilable differences.
Omosede’s love for Akenzua was undoubtedly shorn of the spark that enlivened her heart and her soul in her ill-fated love with George. Thus even though she was free to fall in love with all sorts of men, her passion and devotion to new Liberian President-elect, George Weah, trumps whatever she must have felt for anyone else. George it would seem, remains Omosede’s one true love. Her greatest friend perhaps.

Little wonder she took to the social media to celebrate his election as Liberia’s new President. Omosede has been painting the social space with colourful portraits of George’s epic achievement, stressing her happiness and heartfelt wishes for his success in the saddle.
Nobody understands why Omosede and George’s relationship did not end up in marriage but everybody close to the former lovebirds understand that they share a very great bond that keeps them close even while separated by political and territorial boundaries.
Findings revealed that Omosede’s family didn’t want their young daughter to marry a footballer then thus she dumped him like a bad habit. She eventually married Prince Akenzua, from Benin. The marriage produced a boy but it didn’t last two years because of some egos.

Since the couple parted ways, George has improved on himself in several ways including returning to school to get university education after his first failed presidential bid in 2006.
So committed was he to his plot to effect a radical, progressive turn-around in his life and country that he pulled all the stops to achieve his dream. Now his effort has paid off and his most trusted friend and ex-lover perhaps, Omosede, is thrilled to the heart.
At the backdrop of George’s electoral victory and Omosede’s wild jubilation in response, the high society rumour mill is spinning wildly on a wind of speculations of a possible encore between the former lovers. Who knows?
Omosede may become Liberia’s First lady ever, from Nigeria.

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