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(US - TV): Will Ferrell: Mariah Carey Caused a ‘S--tstorm’ While Filming ‘The House’

Will Ferrell opened up to Andy Cohen about his unfavorable experience working with Mariah Carey while appearing as a guest on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Thursday, June 29.
The 49-year-old revealed that Carey was supposed to have a cameo on his new movie The House , but “it never happened." Ferrell disclosed that the Grammy winner made several demands on set, one of which included her desire to sing a song that had not been approved. “It became quite a kerfuffle,” Ferrell explained. “A.k.a. a sh-tstorm.”
The Anchorman star also noted that the “We Belong Together” songstress, who arrived on set four hours late, proposed several script alterations. “One script note was like, ‘I don’t want to do the scene.’ Even though it was totally approved ahead of time," he told Cohen.
According to Ferrell, the Mariah's World star made some odd requests for her trailer. She wanted “lambs, stuffed lambs,” the Elf actor noted, a nod to Carey’s fanbase, her “lambily.”

Although the comedian doesn’t remember how long it took before the crew realized that Carey’s cameo would be cut, he added, “At 11 p.m. there was a knock on my trailer door and they said, ‘You can go home.’ I got in my car and left everyone on set.”
Ferrell’s The House costar, Rob Huebel, also slammed the “Without You” singer’s on set behavior. “It did not go well,” he told
Entertainment Weekly Radio in May. “F--cking what is going on with her? It was bananas.” The actor also added that in addition to the lambs, Carey requested “all white roses” for her trailer.
The House premieres in theaters Friday, June 30.

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