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(SPORT): Luis Suarez statue vandalised after Uruguayan star goes to Lionel Messi's wedding

A statue of Luis Suarez has been felled while the Barcelona megastar was partying at Lionel Messi's wedding.
The monument in Suarez's hometown of Salto in Uruguay was mysteriously toppled over from its base.
The striker is a national hero after his star turns for the national side and putting the tiny South American country on the worldwide map.
The fallen Suarez was taken away to be mended and was replaced by a note which read: "I went to Messi's wedding, I'll be back soon."

According to reports in local media, the vandal who brought down Suarez's likeness, who had been drinking, was arrested by police but avoided a red card - he will be forced to pay damages to fix the statue.
The statue was unveiled last July on the busiest street in the northwestern Uruguayan city.

It showed Suarez raising his hand in celebration while wearing a light blue national team shirt.
While the assault on his alter-ego was taking place, real Suarez was celebrating with Barca pal Messi.

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