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 Naijatripzone Exclusive Interview With The Unreplaceable DJ Shaka.

Walamu Wisdom AKA‘D J Shaka’ Eruchi Hailed From Rivers State . He Has Been In the music industry As A disc jockey For A while. DJ Shaka the CEO To DJ Shaka Music currently working with some radio stations across the country. He's journey into showbiz started with street mixtape to on air DJ. 
His Name Is fast becoming a household name. 
In this chat with ‎, he revealed his hustle life and things his fans need to know about him.

Read on:

Who is DJ Shaka, let's know More about this name and how it came about? 

DJ Shaka Is A Name And Also A Brand That Has Been In Existence, Am A Disc Jockey From The Southern Part Of The Country (Rivers State) And I Was Raise In The City Of Port Harcourt Where I Stayed With My Mother, The Name Shaka Was Given To Me By My Grandpa I Grew Up Hearing Everyone Calling Me Shaka And When I Started Doing Things I Decided To Go Back In Details Of This Name And Discover That It Was A Great Name ( Born To Rule) Here We Are.

Could you let us know how your journey into showbiz started?

‎ Seriously, I never Knew I Would Be A DJ. I Got Inspired Through A Brother While At Secondary School. He Was A Good DJ. I Met Him To Do A Mixtape For Me Then. We Had Turn Table, You Remember Now. Then We Do Cassette. We Used To Call It Dubbed In Those Days. We Don’t Call It Record. He Dubbed The Cassette For Me. Where He Did Foreign Songs Mixed With Tony Tetula, Plantasun Boiz and Others Then. I Loved The Mix. I Later Called Him One Day That I We Love To Learn If He Can Train Me On How To Become A DJ? But Initially I Never Dreamt To Be A DJ. I Had Loved to Be An Artiste. I Love Singing A Lot Back Than. He Said There Was No Problem. But The Challenges I Had Then Was That He Likes Money While I Don't Have It To Offer. So For That We Only Meet At Every Festive Period And After That I Would Go To Train Myself. It Was Very Challenging. He Firstly Told Me To Go Listen To Music First. The More I Listened To Music The More I Have Passion. I Was Just Asking Myself, How We I Know How To Mix This Song, I Would Just Mix It. There Was That Curiosity, Anticipation, Determination To now More About The Profession. I Thank God Today That all Had Been A Good History For Me. No Doubt, I’m One Of The Best In My Game.

Tell us about your move to Lagos from Port harcourt and how you managed to hustle your way to where you are now?

Ye It Has Been A Journey, The Idea Of Me Moving To Lagos Came On the 17th Of February 2015 When I Was Unable To Meet Up To My Fees And Other School Financial Requirements. Than I Was Thinking That Coming To Lagos Would Be A Total Set Free To My Situation But Coming Into Lagos To Meet And See Another Face Of Story, It Wasn't So Eazy From The Beginning If Not God I For No Know How E For Be Today..... OsheyBaba‎ 

Being one of the best DJ at the moment, was that part of the yardstick that made Radio Stations to be calling you for jobs?

‎I Was Discovered By Mr Frank Who Was Director For Radio Personnel And He Always Take Me Along With Him, Before Now, I Was Working As Promoter and Online Hypeman. I Also Did Series Of Job For Them. Mr Frank Later Called Me To Come Play At One Radio Station At Enugu. Where He Instructed Me To Play For Just 30minutes Which I Did. From Then, I Always Perform At Midnight Programs In Any Station Visited. Hence, It Got To This Stage In My Career. 

The style you used to brand yourself is different from other DJs, how did you get that concept?

As Far As Entertainment Is Concerned In Nigeria, We All Know That We Need Packaging. We Must Be Different Also. If You Want Something Different, You Have To Be Very Creative. If You Really Want To Remain On Top, You Have To Distinguish Yourself From Other People. This Is What Will Make You Big. If You are Different, Some People Will Be Imitating You As Their Role Model. 

What was your difficulties as a DJ? 

There Were Lots Of Difficulties While Growing Up As A DJ. To Buy DJ Equipment Has Been A Major Issue . If I Collect Two Thousand Naira Show Then, It Was a Very Big Money For Me. I Was Using Deck. And Another One Is Numark. I Would Use Two Hundred Out Of The Two Thousand As Transport To A Friend Place To Rent Amplifier And Deck For The Show. By The Time I Would Get To The Event Place, My Cloths And Trouser Would Have Been Very Dirty. I Would Be Using My Cloths To Clean My Face With Sweat. At The End, People We Work Up To Congratulating Me That They Enjoyed My Play And The party because That Was My Aim.

How affordable are you?

I Am Very Affordable. In Fact, I Am The Cheapest DJ In The Country. Unfortunately, Many People Have Not Bothered To Find Out What I Charge For A Show Because They Have This Mindset That It Will Run Into Millions. Honestly, I Think I Am One Of The Cheapest DJs In Town, Just Contact Me For Your Upcoming Events And See How The Price Goes.

What genres of music do you like the most?

Before I Started My Career As A DJ, I Loved Hip Hop Music. Then As An Aspiring Entertainer I Was Into Rap Music Before I Later Delved In The World Of The DJs, I Had A Demo Tape Which Is Still Alive Till Date This To Say Am Multi Genre. Whenever You Want To Perform, What Do You Do And How Do You Select Your Music? First And Foremost, I Am Very Equipped In Term Of The Genres Of Music I Want To Play. I Have My Laptop Loaded With Music. Sometimes, I Cross- Check Everything And See What I Am Lacking In Terms Of New Songs That Might Just Not Be In The Right Places. On A Daily Basis, I Am Buying Music Online; And Also Going Through My Mails Checking Out Who Sent Me What And Where I Am Needed At Any Point In Time. Some Times When I Play Outside The Country I Intend To Enjoy DJ More Because People Accept More Genres Of Music I Would Play A Bit Of Reggae, A Bit Of Calypso Hip Pop, RnB, Afro Play A Bit Of Everything. In The Nigeria Music Industry Today Who Do See As The Best And Who We You Like To Work With? Seriously I Most Tell You That The Competition Today Is Get More Obvious But That Doesn't I Should Call Names Believe Me That Everyone Is The Best So Far As You Are On Top Your Game But You Can Still See DJ Shaka As The Best So Far (Hahah) Yes Intense Of Artist I Can Work With For Me The Unreplaceable DJ Shaka I We Work With Everybody So Far As You Are Good To Rock With.

Tell us about your brand as DJ Shaka Music and your artist promotions?

Yea DJ Shaka Music Is A Platform Where Upcoming Artist Can Have There Way Or Be Promoted, When I Say Upcoming I Mean Talented Once Not Just Anyhow Person Who We Go Into The Studio And Record Some Shit Than Call DJ Shaka For Promo

Do you have any upcoming artist u are currently working on that you we like us to know about?

Yea We Are Working On Few Talented Upcoming Which The World We Get To Know Soon Because They Are Coming To Take Over The Music Industry Globally.

Would you say you are enjoying yourself now after you had worked very hard to reach this level? 

Yes, I Thank God For Everything So Far And Many More To Come. 

How could one be a good DJ? 

You Need To firstly Encourage Yourself. And You Need To Have Passion For What You Are Doing. Always Put Your Best At Every Show You Attend, Try To Update Yourself On Your Beat.

There is this rumor of a baby mama with you and an unknown woman, how true is it and when are you settling down ?

No i'm not in any relationship and not anytime soon and there is no baby mama story or drama. ‎ 

What is the relationship Between You And DJ Jimmy Jatt? 

He Is My God Father In The Entertainment World Talking About Music.

Are you loyal to him because of his money or fame?

‎Not Really Because Of Any Of The Lasted Thing, I Like Him Due To He's Creativity. I’m Not Loyal To Him Because Of He's Money. Djjj Is A Legend As Far As Nigerian Music Industry Is Concerned. Talking About Djs In West Africa Currently, Jimmy Jatt Is Still The Best And Also One Of The Top DJ Globally. Am Not After He's Money, Am Just Ready To Work With Him. 

Should we expect something from DJ Shaka and legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt?

I will not let the cat out of the bag now, my fans should just wait,we will loud it very soon.

Do you have any personal stuff that you are working on that you will let your fans know?

So so Many to can't as a DJ that people Are Looking Up To You Keep Working on Daily Basis My New Single Is Dropping Soon Featuring one of The Best Trap Artist of Our Time And My First Single Titled My Life Is Still Trending online With Lots of Airplay.

What do you have to tell your fans out there listening?

Yea Shoutout To My One Super Fans Out There Fellowing DJ Shaka Movement Much Love And Respect Always Do The Best At The Right Time And Always Believe On Yourself Don't Give Any Shit About What People Say Be Yourself, Remember DJ Shaka Mixtape Is Everywhere Online Go Search For It And Download As We Share For Love. 

For people that will like to keep in touch with you how will they get you on social media?

Yea fellow him on Twitter: @djjshaka IG: @djjshaka FCBK: djshaka Unreplaceable

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