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(INCESTSEXUAL ) _Woman proclaims sexual love for her brother

A woman on Twitter openly reveals she has sex with her brother and defends her right to.
If this tweet does not disturb, then we don't know what will.
Twitter user Nicky (@baddiiebee ) went viral today, Thursday, May 18, 2017, over her disturbing tweet.
She tweeted a photo of herself and her brother and wrote "Yes I am f**king my brother. NO, its not wrong, sinful or shaming. WE ARE IN LOVE. I'm incestsexual. #loveislove "
Yes, this is as crazy as they come. Apparently, incest is not a bad thing according to Nicky. She openly admits to sleeping with her brother and has given the taboo a new name ' incestsexual '.
She is most likely the inventor of this word because it does not exist on the Internet yet apart from her tweet. The definition is pretty obvious and pretty disgusting as well.
Nicki did not stop there. She went on to tweet more things that might mess up your day. " Blood is thicker than water and our love is unconditional #siblinggoals "
She later went on a rant and tried defending her taboo love on Twitter. According to her incestsexual people are the most oppressed people on the planet.
Nicky is apparently a huge fan of Cersei and Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones . The two characters have an incestsexual relationship on the show.
Nicky later deleted her disturbing comments.

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